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Widmann, Chronik von Regensburg. In vol. xv. of Chronik der deutschen Städte. Leipzig, 1878.

With the chronicle of Gemeiner, this constitutes our chief source of information regarding Hübmaier's work in Regensburg.

Zwingli, Werke, erste vollständige Ausgabe durch Melchior Schuler und Joh. Schulthess. 8 vols. Zürich, 1828–1861.


Hoschek, Balthasar Hubmaier a počátové novokřestěnstva na Moravě. Brünn, 1867.

A wonderfully sympathetic study, seeing that the author is a Roman Catholic, but not always to be relied on in matters of fact, and still more frequently astray in its interpretations.

Loserth, Doctor Balthasar Hubmaier und die Anfänge der Wiedertäufer in Mahren. Brünn, 1893.

Though a Protestant, the author is less sympathetic than Hoschek, but more accurate. His study of the sources and literature has been exhaustive, and but for the help derived from his book this volume could never have been written.

Schreiber, Hubmaier, der Stifter der Wiedertäufer auf dem Schwartzwalde, in his Taschenbuch für Geschichte und Alterthum in Süd-Deutschland. 1839, pp. 1–130; 1840, pp. 153–234.

This, the first serious attempt to write a biography of Hübmaier, still has value. It is an incomplete sketch, a promised third part, to tell the story of the work in Moravia, never having been published.

Besides these formal biographies, there are a number of excellent biographical sketches in various works of reference: Cunitz, in Herzog-Plitt, Real Encyclopädie, vi., 344 sq. Hegler, in Herzog-Hauck, Real Encyclopädie, vii., 418 sq. Stern in Allgemeine deutsche Biographie; Veesenmeyer in Staudlin and Vater's Kirchenhist. Archiv, 1826.