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Arnold, Unparteyische Kirchen- und Ketzer-historie. 3 vols. Schaffhausen, 1740–1742.

An old and deservedly esteemed work, not yet entirely superseded.

Bax, Rise and Fall of the Anabaptists. London, 1903.

The author writes from the socialistic point of view, and is too anxious to show that the Anabaptists were the forerunners of modern socialism. All of his facts are selected, and some are distorted, to prove this thesis. Had the author been able to resist this advocacy of a theory, he would have produced a very valuable book. As it is, his book cannot be neglected by any student of the Anabaptists.

Bullinger, Der Widertouffen ursprung, fürgang, Secten, wasen, furnemen, und gemeine jrer leer Artikel. Zurich, 1561.

Bullinger, Reformationsgeschichte. 3 vols. Frauenfeld, 1840.

The first-named of these two works is much the more important for our purpose. It is exceedingly valuable, when due allowance for the personal equation is made. Bullinger was strongly prejudiced against the Anabaptists, and his testimony demands critical examination and frequent correction.

Burrage, History of the Anabaptists in Switzerland. Philadelphia, 1882.

Still the best monograph on the subject, in any language.

Cornelius, Geschichte des Münsterischen Aufruhrs. Leipzig, 1855, 1860.

The work of a Roman Catholic (in his later years an Old Catholic), remarkable for learning and candour, but unfortunately never completed. It contains valuable documents in the Appendix to either Part.

Egli, Die Züricher Wiedertäufer. Zürich, 1878.

A book whose value is in inverse ratio to its size. (It is a booklet of 104 pages.)