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for him the title of Bhoja Champu Lakshmana—Sarud Raja conferred on him marks, of distinction and presents, and his book was studied in different Colleges. Lakshmana died at Masulipatam, when fifty five years of age.


Was a ruler of Keladi in the Bednore country, he lived in the sixteenth century of the Salivahana aera. There is a work in existence called Seva Tatva Ratna Kara, or the ocean of preeminence of Seva, of which he is the ostensible author, but it is well known that the work was composed by the pundits of his Court—it treats on several Arts and Sciences, and seems to have been executed with much labor.


This Sanscrit poet was a Military Officer of high rank, it is said a Commander of the Forces of Harihara Roya, founder of Vedyanagar and its first Sovereign, he was born at Anagondi, and flourished in the twelfth century of Salivahana. Uragappa Dandanath was well versed