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in the Sanscrit Grammar, and composed a Dictionary which he named Nanardha Ratnamala.—This book was used in different Colleges in the peninsula.


This poet was a native of a town named Mungunda which is situated in the Telugu country, he was the son of Ramachandra Upadhya, a bramin of the Veginad tribe—and was contemporary with Akbar Sha—Jaganath did not learn a word of the Sanscrit language till he was past twelve years of age, when he went to the house of his brother-in-law and studied poetry: by indefatigable exertions, he acquired a competent knowledge of the learned languages, and became a poet of no small talent. He visited the Court of the Karnatic Rajah, but not meeting with the countenance that he expected, or that his abilities merited, he wrote some verses expressive of the neglect he suffered, that the same might excite attention towards his endeavours, but notwithstanding this stratagem, his labors continued unheeded, and he in disgust forthwith proceeded