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Delhi entertained many pundits at his court, and as Jaganath among his other acquirements, possessed a perfect and critical knowledge of the Persian language, he was determined to pay this monarch a visit, he proceeded to Delhi, and on his arrival there, composed some excellent verses in Persian and Sanscrit, in which he described the beauty of the King's steeds, as they paraded in front of the gate of the palace. When Jaganath came to the royal presence he repeated some verses both in Persian and Sanscrit, in which he censured the worldly pursuits both of the Hindus and of Yavanas. It is said, that at the court of the Emperor, Jaganath confuted all the pundits who were opposed to him, and the fame of his talents spread abroad. He was of a very comely person, and it is reported, that the daughter of the Emperor, who admired his talents, and had frequently seen him through the Venetians of her apartments, became violently enamoured of him. The strength of her love was so great, that she at last revealed her passion to her Mother, and requested her to marry her to Jaganath. The name of this illustrious lady