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was Lavangi, she had just arrived at the age of puberty and was a very beautiful and accomplished princess.

Jaganath Pundit was also smitten with the charms of the Emperor's daughter, and wrote verses in praise of her beauty. Although the princess' mother was very averse to the match, yet finding, that her daughter's existence depended on the fulfilment of that event, she on a favourable opportunity disclosed the whole affair to the Emperor her husband, this monarch was much grieved at learning this intelligence, but at last, gave his consent and the couple were married with all due forms. Pundit, Roya had no issue by the princess and he proceeded to Benares where the bramins excommunicated him, but he gave a pair of metal images to the Vystnavas of the Yadana Mountain who established them on a high-place, and called them Chella Pella Roya. According to tradition, Pundit Roya and his wife sought a voluntary death in the river ganges. After his death, his disciples published his works in poetry, and