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an account of his town which they call, Pundit Roya Sataka.—It must he observed, that the foregoing account of this poet is taken from traditionary accounts handed down by his disciples and does not deserve implicit credit.— The marriage of this poet with the daughter of the Emperior of Delhi is a mere fiction or the circumstance would have been authenticated in some books of History.


This poet flourished in a very remote period, and was contemporary with Rajah Rajnarindra, king of the Rajamahendry; from his very infancy his mind was turned towards religious duties, and he made very rapid progress in his studies of the sciences, he was very learned in the Vedes, and performed numerous sacrifices. He Wrote a grammar of the Telugu language, and entitled it Andhra Sabda Chintamani and Lakshanasara, in the composition of this work profound, learning and extensive reading is evinced, and Nannaya Bhatt was well qualified to compile a work on philology, as he had carefully studied