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the treatises written by Brihaspati and Vyasa. This poet also translated two volumes of the Mahabharat into Telugu, in conjunction with Narainbhat, a bramin of the Indra sect, but while employed in translating the third volume, Nannaya unfortunately died, and as no other poet would undertake to complete the translation, a disciple of Nannaya Bahtt named Balasaraswati who was a fellow student with Sarangadhara the son of Raja Rajnaraindra, completed the work after intense labor and application. Nannaya Bhatt it is said, met with a primature death, and although he was a celebrated poet, and his works held in very great estimation throughout the peninsula, yet authentic traditions furnish, but very scanty materials to compile his biography.


This poet was the son of Chimmania Satti and grandson to Etikala Gurvappa and was a native of Rajamahendry, he composed a work called Kanakapurana, it was written in