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Oh ruler of the world, they preaeitce bright Fills each eipftitding heart nith trae deligU And joy ; u when propitious fortane poori -Vaneoauted trcunres down ing^dea thaw'ra

  • -Or when the moon In plenitnde arraj'cl

Shoots h«r bright spleaclari through the midniglit bIh -Friend of Ihe world ! Oh pow'rful deity ! The efiiilgeoce of thy penetrating eye ^iipeli the darknets and the gloom prdfound Whose mblemantlecoTeri us around Tfay gTMefiil prescDoe this anspiciout d«j Oh kingefkitigs, exiles each, care away ! ■Wflh every keea desire and wish poisessed Fili'd to sUietj weitand oonfened, Oh ittv'reign of At earth ! thy heav'nty tread Appronching doth with potent bleasingB sL ed ■ Ob mortals immortality and grace, And makes oor wisdom match th' ethereal no* Pre-eminent in good thy »irtuB ponra Like fruitful ttutum its prolific stores : Whilst we our homage p»y we gain these thrifU The mral goddess sheds her choicest gifta fouberant to me and to my friends ; with joy In plenty we our happy hours employ. Who can the gratefur voice sufficient rais* KeCciTe the boon and give eternal praise? bvGoogle