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This was also a Niyogi bramin of the Pengala family, he flourished during the reign o£ Krishna Royaloo, sovereign of Vejayanagar; He was well versed in Telugu grammar, and a perfect master of that language. In course of time he proceeded to the Court of Krishna Deva, who retained him in his service—Surana composed a work which he entitled Raghava-Pandayam, which is an abridgement of the Ramayana and the Mahabarat, the whole being comprised in six books—he ended his days at his usual residence.


This was a celebrated poet at the Court of Krishna Royuloo, king of Vejayanagar, being one of his eight celebrated poets, he was born in the village of Tinnala in A. S. 1384, and was of the family of Iswar Pragada, his horoscope exhibits him as born under a very propitious star: in his infancy he studied the Telugu dialect, and by the association of the Bhatarajas, or bards of Bhattu Palla he became a perfect master of that