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poet of considerable merit himself, and his versification was remarkable for its natural flow and smoothness. He particularly excelled in descriptions his talent at which has been equalled but by few Telugu poets. During the early part of his life Venkatapati was in the military service, but his turn of mind induced him to resign the profession of arms, and devote his whole time to literature. He studied grammar under the first grammarian of the age.—The abilities of Venkatapati Raja brought him the notice of the King, who invited him to his court, and retained him as one of his poets. Soon after this Venkata composed an epic poem, which be entitled Chandragada Charitra, in which all the actions of Chandragada King of the Neshidha country is described, this work Venkatapati dedicated to Kristna Roya.


This poet was a bramin, and born in Rajamahendri, the capital of the Andhra Province. He was tutor to Nannya Bhatt, and a school-fellow of Sarangadhara, son of Raja Narendra. He was taught philosophy by a celebrated