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professor after whose death Bala Saraswati began to exhibit his genius. He made a commentary on the book on grammar, called "Andhra Sabda Chentamani which was composed by Nannaya Bhatt and this exposition was known to the learned by the appellation of Bala Saraswati. This poet wrote several other works, but they have not been preserved.


A Telugu poet and resident by Kondavede he translated the Ramayan into Telugu and dedicated it to Sahinimara the superintendent of the royal stud of Ana Vema Reddi, for this he received some reward but not of very great value, Bhaskara flourished in the thirteenth century of the Salivahana era, and died in his native country.


Was a native of Kondavede, he received an excellent education, and became a poet before he was well grown up, and composed several miscellaneous pieces.— It is said that one day as