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cillors, collection of revenue and on military stores, the whole is contained in three books. This book was referred to by the petty Paligars on all necessary occasions to guide them in the administration of affairs. Bandena obtained some considerable grants of land for his literary labours and lived a peaceable and easy life till the day of his death, which took place at his native town.


This poet was an inhabitant of the Telugu country, and flourished during the time of Kondavede Reddiwar, he was well versed in Telugu grammar, and a perfect master of that language, he composed a work which he denominated "Andrhaprayoga Ratna Kara," ocean of Telugu phrases and inscribed it to his father, this book was made use of in all the schools in Telugu country. Bappana Kavi had an accademy of his own, and numerous pupils were instructed by him, which occupation employed his time till the day of his last sicknes and death.