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understanding——and this work has much conduced to the edification of succeeding generation, as it forms one of their principal class books, The author died while in charge of the administration of public affairs.


Was an inhabitant of Kondavede, and the son of Madayor, he was a bramin of the Lingadhare sect, most of the bramins were converted to the Lingavant sect, by Bissala Roya, king of Kalayani: these bramins wear a stone lingum round their necks, and make oblations to it, and worship it after performing ablutions. Malaya received a good education in his infancy, and while yet in his youth, wrote the Raja Sekhara Charitra, or a poetical history of Raja Sekhara, a king of former ages. When this work was finished, the poet dedicated it to Nandala Appaya, son in law to Saluva Timma, a king who lived in the fifteenth century of Salivahana, after the reign of Kristna Deva Maharoyaloo, king of Anagondi. Malaya received rich rewards from this patron in lands and other presents.