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This poet was of the Bommana family, and flourished in the thirteenth century of Salivahana. During his infancy, he composed a great many hymns and anthems in honor of the god Sri Ram, and it is said, that he was inspired by that deity to translate the Bhagavat into Telugu and commanded to dedicate the work to him, and the god promised to aid him in the undertaking. Thus encouraged by the divinity, Potaraju translated twelve volumes of the Bhagavat. It is said, that when he was employed on the tenth volume, entitled Dasamamaskanda he had commenced the description of the beautiful virgin Rukmini, and came to the following, words which he wrote down:—"Pandr Bala Kamre," which bears a double interpretation in one sense, meaning that the virgin Rukmini had attained twelve years of age, and in another signification implying, that she was burned—having written these words, it is said, the poet went to a neighbouring pool to bathe, and his infant daughter, who was crawling on the floor, immediately fell into a fire.