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hearth. The God Sriram on this instantaneously descended, and snatching up the paper, completed the verse, which the poet had left unfinished by adding these words, "Nelata Kevanambeu Nindi Unde" or the virgin attained to full maturity—and it is said, that immediately the child came out of the fire-hearth, without being scorched or burnt in the least degree—when Potaraj returned home, he heard what had happened, and seeing the stanza that he had left unfinished, quite completed, he praised Sri Ram, through whose interposition this miracle had been effected. Although Potaraj was in distressed circumstances, and wanting even the necessaries of life, he never debased himself by any mercenary dedications of his effusions to any mortal, and despised his brother-in-law Srinath, because he paid his court to the Prince of the Rediwar family by whom he was retained. This poet lived to a good old age, but no authentic accounts of his death has reached posterity.