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rishment he took. It is given out that he performed several miracles, and constantly spent his time in the praises of the god of Pandrapore. He composed one hundred verses in the Maharata language, consisting of applauses of the deity. Namadeo died in the fortieth, year of his age.


Was born in a village called Parali near Satara, he was a disciple of Gnanoba, and lived in the reign of Shahagi Rajah, he held some occupation under the Maharata government, but he subsequently resigned it on account of some religions scruples and spent his time in reading books, in which the miracles of the god Ganesa, is set down by which he learned the merits of the faith of Namadeo, and in order to mock him served separate dishes for him, when Namadeo came to the residence Ramadoss, he only found a single leaf distinct from the line of bramins, and told the latter to spread two leaves more as he expected his parents from heaven. the other paid