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no heed to what he said, but when Namadeo pressed him very much Ramados placed two more leaves, when the parents of Namadeo immediately appeared in the form of Vishnu, and sat down to the repast, to the surprise of Ramndos, who could not produce his parents when challenged by the other to do so; he was abashed and sung the praises of Namadeo, who together with his immortal parents departed: Ramadoss died in the eightieth year of his age.


A Maharata, poet of Pandrapore, he was well versed in the Maharats language, and it said, that at his twentieth year the God Vital appear- ed to him in a dream, and bestowed on him the gift of poetry. He composed one thousand Ma- harata verses, in praise of the Deity which he called Abhanga; and twenty years of his life were spent in altering praises to the Pandrapore God. It is said, that in the fortieth year of his. age, he was translated to heaven.