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subedar of the Mangalavada Purgunnah, and continued in this situation till he was fifty: during his administration, he lavished a great deal of government prosperity in benevolent purposes. Which intelligence coming to the Nawaub's ears, he despatched a company of troopers to bring Damagi Pant to his presence. When the poet reached Hyderabad, it is said, that the god Vithoba in a human shape came to the Nawaub and paid him the whole sum deficient, on account of Damagi's liberality, and took a receipt for the same, and an order for the re-appointment of the poet to the post he held, The god placed these documents in a book which Damagi constantly read. The poet saw these papers, and immediately returned to Pandrapore, and wrote to his master tendering in his resignation; the Nawauab was pleased to accept of it, and appointed Damagi's son to Succeed him. Damagi after this composed a Sasona, or poem, containing 100 verses, in which all the circumstances mentioned above, was fully detailed. He spent about ten years in religious