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biography is compeled from documents in the possession of the Masumdars of the Arani Rajah.


This poet was a Maharata bramin, and an inhabitant of Dowlatbad according to tradition. He was employed in the service of Rama Rajah, as a dewan for some time, and afterwards on account of some accident he went to Lanka, and received some kind of rare grain, for curing the King of that place, from the effects of the evil eye. This poet introduced the mode character into the Maharata country, he died in the sixtieth year of his age, at his own residence.


This poet was a native of Mangalavada, a village in the district of Pandarapura: he flourished in the fifteenth century of Salivahana, and was contemporary with the celebrated Sevaji. Damagi had finished his education when he was sixteen years old, at which time he obtained some employment at the court of Hyderabad. When he was thirty years of age, he was appointed as