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years in India, I could scarcely obtain any information. From the moment the talents of the lamented Boriah were applied, a new avenue to Hiudoo knowledge was opened; and though I was deprived of him at an early age, his example and instructions were so happily followed up by his brethren and disciples, that an establishment was gradually formed, by which the whole of our provinces might be analized, on the method thus fortutously began, and successfully followed." Boriah was deputed by his master to collect information useful for the office, and the sagacity and diligence, be displayed to collect materials, and in making researches obtained the unqualified approbation of his employer, and the result of his labours was such as materially to promote the interest of the Honourable Company. The service was very arduous for Boriah had to traverse dreary woods, and lofty mountains about Srisale, While on this survey, Colonel Mackenzie was appointed Engineer to the expedition against Manilla, and Boriah was obliged to return to his home; while on the way from Hyderabad to Madras, he kept a correct