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a piece of a hundred stazas on a prophet, which brought that holy man's name into increased celebrity. Another work Was also Writtea by Botiah, intitled " Sreranga Raja Charitu," containing the genealogy of the Srirangapatam sovereign from the foundation of Umattore, giving a description of the ancient ruins of the former city, where the Yadava princes ruled, and became powerful. When the army broke up from before Setingipatam, he marched about with detachments thro,'different parts of the ceded districts and Mysore dominions, and was highly noticed by General Campbell, Colonel Munro, and other officers of distinction, as well as by the Mysore dewan. By the directions of bis master, Boriah acquired perfect knowledge of mathematics, geometry, astronomy, geography, and other sciences, both according to the European and Hindu methods, and his memory was so tenacious, that he soon acquired a proficiency in different native languages. He could draw very neatly, and constructed maps that were excessively admired by his master.

He discovered various ancient coins, and made