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fac-similes of inscriptions in different obsolete characters. When he decyphered the Hala Kanada characters, inscribed on a Tablet found at Dodare, which is now deposited in the museum of the Asiatic Society, his master was highly gratified, and put his name on it.

Colonel Mackenzie having been ordered by the government of Fort St. George, to return to Madras on public business. Boriah accompanied him in 1801, and was employed two years at that presidency, in translating books, and valuable manuscripts and documents; in the twenty sixth year of his age, Boriah was unfortunately attacked by apoplexy, which terminated in his premature death in 1803. His master ordered a monument to be erected to his memory, with a suitable inscription on the sea-shore, which is still standing. At the age of twelve years he had married the younger sister of Venkatachellum, zemindar of Kasemicota district, and left issue an only daughter; and died universally regretted, on account of his public and private virtues.