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their genealogy is frequently introduced.

Harihara Roya, who was the founder of the city of Vedyanagar, and its first sovereign cleared all the dense woods about the banks of the Tunga Bhadra, and Kristna rivers, devided the land into districts, and built villages, towns, and colleges for students, and other public institutions; in all public records and instruments, the above named sovereign never used the vernacular tongue in the various deeds of gifts he made, which were inscribed on stone and copper in the Deva Nagre character.

Under the Mysore princes the Sanscrit language was well cultivated, and several excellent poems were written under the, successive sovereigns of that dynasty.

The Andhra or Telugu language is a dialect of the Sanscrit, and is very ancient, for a grammar of it was written by Brihaspati. Kanva, who lived in the reign of Dushyanta