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son. Before the birth of Sankarachari there were many works published by the heterodoxical sects of Jainas, Bhaudas, Charvakas and others. Except the Amera Cosha, and other dictionaries, their works are not held in estimation by the Hindus, as the Jainas are the avowed despisers of the Vedes. Although the Sanscrit is a dead language, it was made use of by various poets at the Court of Kings, and to write down public records, and in deeds of gift, or grants of land to bramins. In the Telugu province Trinetra Palava caused the Sanscrit language to flourish, when, he had established the bramins in his extensive dominions, and this example was afterwards followed by the princes of the Kakati race, whose metropolis was Orungole, they recorded grants and other deeds of gifts in the Sanscrit language. Ganapati Deva Roya and his son Pratapa Rudra, made very numerous grants, in which