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the Vedes, and made great progress in philosophy and divinity; while his precocity of intellect astonished his countrymen, and was far beyond any student of the time. When he was twelve years old his father died, but Sankarachari still continued cultivating the Sciences, and every branch of learning; and his mind took such a religious turn, that even at this early age he wished to forego the world and become a Synassy. - The supplications and commands of his parent prevented him putting his design into execution, but she could not prevail on him to marry, notwithstanding she used all her endeavours to bring about that event, for Sankarachari was resolved to continue single, that he might give his whole attention to religion, study, and devotional exercises.

One day, when he was returning with his mother, from a visit to a relation in a distant village, they came to a river, which they had forded on their journey thither, but which was now considerably swelled by the rains that had fallen, a very common case in that country — They stood at