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cluded in the Mysore Territory, and situated on the skirts of the Western Ghauts, where he founded a College that still exists, and assumes pontifical authority over all the Smartva Bramins in the Peninsula. Other accounts have placed him in a far later age, and some are even unwilling to give him a higher antiquity than óne thousand years from the present date.

As from traditions and authentic records however, we are informed that Govendayeti Guru, or spiritual guide of Sankarachari, was the father of Vikrama,— we are pretty sure that he must have been Contemporary with the Monarch above named: these same records also assert Sanka- rachari to have been born in the 95th year of Vik, Sak. in the cycle year Vilumby, in the Kerela Des, on the banks of the river Charni, and that he was of the family of the Porachor- loo Bramius.

Sankarachari was invested with the sacerdotal thread at eight years of age by his father, and applied himself diligently to the study of