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versy. These transactions are recorded; by inscriptions engraved in stone, in the temple of Smasaneswar at Seva Kancbi, and at Terucovalure, on the opposite side of the Vegavati river, not far from the before-mentioned place. He afterwards cousecrated an image of the Goddess Kamakshi on a copper pedestal, and engraved mysterious syllables in the different arches and rooms, according to the rules, laid' down in the Adharvna Vede, and composed eight Sanscrit verses in praise of the goddess, which are entitled " Kamakshi Astaka." He also established a lingum at Kanchi, and dedicated it to Yaka Amreswar, since which time, the place is, called Siva Kanchi — Sankarachari went thence to Terupati, where he was again engaged in religious controversy, and overcame the most learned pundits in disputation, and erected a crystal lingum, as the image of Venkateswar and denominated it Chandra-maleswar, or the crescent crowned God: the temple was, in a conspicuous position on a ,hill, where the doctrine of there being no distinction between Seva and Veshnu was