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taught. He directed his disciples, to collect contributions, from every pilgrim that was present, at the procession of the chariot,or ear of Venkateswar, and that food should be supplied to indigent visitors and votaries. The above-mentioned Saga composed twenty seven verses in honor of Chandramaleswar and Venkateswar and entitled them "Nakshatramala" and be left directions—that the lingum should be worshipped one month with Belva leaves.

From this place Sankarachari proceeded to, Benares, by the route of the Vindhya Hills in order that he might be acquainted wjth the learning of the people of the north. He there heard much of the reputation of Mandana Misra, an author of several works on logic, and had a great desire to visit and form an intimacy with him— on this design be set out for his house, but when arrived there, his entrance was obstructed by eight parrots, that were endued with human speech and intelligence — While struck with astonishment, and waiting in suspence at the door of Mandana's house, he observed a cocoanut tree not far from him, and being informed that some people in the