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lo controversy with him, on the subject which he had previously declined, or rather procastinated. Experience, however, had by this time well qualified Sankara to give a ready answer to all her questions, and he, without hesitation pointed out all the topical positions, according to their revolutions, of passion, and lust. The wife of Mandana was defeated and abashed, and made obeisance to her conqueror and master. Sankarachari whose slaves she and her husband became, in consequence of her defeat, as had been before stipulated. The Hindu sage generously gave them their liberty, and shortly afterwards proceeded to Cashmere, where he met with the toddy-man before mentioned, who was anxious to recover the art he had lost to Sankarachari, and made obeisance to him. Sankarachari however paid no heed to him, but went strait to Valabhipore, where he prayed to the goddess to come and reside in that part of the peninsula in which he was born. It is said, that the goddess assented to his request, and intimated to him, that in whatever spot she became manifest to him, she would rest, Sankarachari