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this was not her real husband, but that some adept in the art had animated her husband's corpse: she consequently gave directions that every dead body in her dominion should be immediately bornt, and her ministers and guards forthwith proceeded to put her orders into execution. — The disciples of Sankarachari were not able to conceal the corpse of their master, from the scrutiny of the queen's servants, and the body was immediately placed on a pile of faggots to be burnt. The pupils of Sankarachari on this immediately run to the palace exclaiming aloud these words, "thou art the true spirit" — Sankarachari suspecting the case, immediately re-animated his own body, which was on the pile that had already been set fire to: finding that now the flames were reaching him, he repeated eight verses in honor of Lakshmi — Narasimha, or Vishnu, by virtue of which the fire became impotent, and he was enabled to quit the pile unhurt in the least degree. He then quitted the place with all possible expedition, and went accompanied by his disciples to the house of Mandana Misra, whose wife immediately entered in-