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instructed in all the branches of scientific and elegant literature, especially the Sanscrit language and it is said, that, even the female members of this Poet's family, spoke that dialect as fluently as their vernacular tongue, from constantly hearing discourses in it; for Eleswara would allow no other but the learned language to be spoken even in colloquial conversation, having a sovereign contempt for every other, conceiving the same to be prohibited by the Hindu law.

It is said, that when Eleswara Upadhya found some of his scholars dull in learning their lessons, for want of a retentive memory, he searched in ancient books, and discovered in a very old volume, that treated on the occult' sciences, a recipe to remedy this evil which was oil extracted, from the red seeds of the Jotispati plant, and mixed with other ingredients and then used in culinary purposes. — When the scholars of Eleswara made trial* of this excellent medicine, which was eaten with their daily food, it is reported that their heads became clear, so that