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they readily performed every task set- them, and made great progres* in their learning.

£leswara took very great pains in instructing his pupils, and the fame of his uncommon merits spread around through different provinces, and at last reached the ears of Khan Khan, one of the generals in the army of the renowned Eaperor Akbar, and great Sancritntscholar,^ho was very desirous to see this celebrated p^ilqsopher tin^ . ^et, and on that account made a long journey, to Upadhaya, accompanied by a imqp,eroHSi;etinue.. When this Chief came to the presence of Eleswa* ra^ be made prostration, but the other in ahaught ty tone exclaimed — " Mlech^Kshaya-Astu,'* (let BarbajiiWis be destroyed)^ The General unhesitatingly fepUed, '^ Ast°-:P^uchami-Tat purusha," (may meii b? slain by Ihem) Eteswara Upadhya then rejoined, " Mlecha-mCTiti Sese ha^" (let Barbarians destroy each other). Kbaq iOian could make no r^ply ta (his retwt, but repeat^ this short sentence, l^ahasrapat, o^ God of 1^ thousand beads, thousand eyes, aod thousand rays) The poet -on this said " Cbala* ^ ^hkita Ohiuna Tava Syne phar^ti" — wfaicl Drained bvGoogIc