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words bear the following several interpretation." when your army marches, the god of a thousand heads (namely, Sesha the serpent, that supports Earth) trembles, the god of a thousand eyes (Indra) is moved, and the god of a thousand rays (Surya or the Sun) is dispersed. The Moslem general Khan Khan was highly delighted with this compliment, and conferred on the poet Eleswara many valuable presents, and the title of "Eleswara Upadhya Seromani" or the principal gem of the sages of Eleswara, and then returned to the Emperor's Court.

After this Eleswara Upadhya employed his pen in writing a dramatical work, entitled " Geresa Natuka," which celebrates in beautiful versification, the nuptials of the god of Sresaile.

This poet had no male issue, , but only daughters, one of whom named Nachi, became unfortunately a widow, when she had just arrived at the age of puberty, and she resolved to put an end to her life, being inconsolable at his loss, and of the consequent deprivation of all hopes of having children, and enjoying domestic happiness but her father dissuaded her from her