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Sedhanta. This work is in great repute throughout the Indian Peninsula, and from it all calculations are made in framing Almanacks. Yallaya did not cultivate any other branch of the Sciences except Astrology and Astronomy. He died at Vijayanagram.


Was a celebrated sovereign of the Kalinga Country, who reigned in the fourteenth century of Salivahana, he introduced a thorough reformation in the administration of justice through-out his dominions, and established a regular code of laws, which text was entitled "Saraswati-Vilas." This Royal Author likewise composed a treatise on sexual intercourse.


This poet was a bramin and flourished during the reign of Pratapa Rudra. He wrote a Sanscrit Dictionary which he entitled "Kshira Swami Nighanti," consisting of about two thousand verses in addition to which he wrote a commentary on the "Amra cosha." Kshira Swami is