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said to have attained to a good old age without being afflicted with any sickness owing principally to his regular and temperate mode of life.


Was the lord of an aera still in use through-ought the Dekkan. He wrote a work entitled, Salivahana Sapta Sati, on Rhetoric, which like the "Durga Sapta Supti," consists of exactly seven hundred verses.


Was a bramin astronomer and inhabitant of Beder, a town in the Nizam's dominions. He studied arithmetic, astronomy and astrology, from his infancy, with such diligence and profit, that he was at last enabled to compose treatises on those sciences. His work on arithmetic was called "Bija Ganita." He had no male issue, but only a daughter named Lilavati, who was herself childless. Bhaskara, in consequence was resolved to perpetuate his daughter's name, by dedicating to her a book, which is one of the seven sorts of offsprings, mentioned in Hindu