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voted his leisure hours to write dramas, on subjects selected from the Mahabarat. When he was thirty years of age, he proceeded to the annual festival of Nanjunda, and wrote a poem on it, which he called Nagunda Natak, in which a very fine description is given of the procession of the God in his car, and all the ceremonies of the feast, from the beginning to the end. It is said, that Lakshmenarraya finished this poem in five days. He wrote other poems, severally called "Uttara Gograhana Nataka," which is a relation of the seizure of the cattle of Verat Raya, by Duryodhan's army. "Saradasombhavam" respecting the birth of that prince. "Rhamba Nataka," the dance of celestial nymphs in the Court of Indra, this work consisted of one hundred verses. "Iravata Vejaya," the victories of the Elephant of Indra, and many other works. This poet acquired large sums of money by his compositions, part of which he applied in digging a large square tank, with flights of stone steps to it, and had cocoanut trees planted round it. Lakshananarraya had a fine library of books, principally in