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studied Sanscrit in the school of Magodi. He was possessed of a fine genius, and as he had perused nearly all the best poems extant, he composed some very nice hymns and songs on different Gods. These effusions were generally admired, and coming to the notice of Nandarajah that prince sent for the poet, and after presenting him with robes, jewels, and other valuable presents, appointed him to the post of Sastri of the Court. At the command of this king, Lakshananarraya Nappa composed an epic poem, entitled Nanda Rajan Yaso, Bhushana, which being interpreted, means the ornamental fame of Nanda Raja, this was a very elaborate work, for every verse of it bears a double signification, one way alluding to the king's domestic concerns, and in another sense to that monarch's public transactions. This work consists of five cantos, the whole of which was completed in the course of one year, and dedicated to his Sovereign. For this performance Lakshmenarraya received from the king the grant of a tract of land in the district of Magodi, besides the "salary he regularly enjoyed. After this, he de-