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dantachari died in the seventieth year of his age, at Kanchi, and his disciple Varadachari, ministered to him till the hour of his death. This faithful and affectionate pupil wrote a book, entitled Vedantavijaya, in which all the good qualities of his preceptor were set down; in it is stated, amongst various other praiseworthy traits, that Vedantachari never courted the favors of princes, nor received any presents from them, but that he subsisted in early life by the produce of his own labors, and latterly on eleemosynary aid. In this boot were also set down the various texts respecting religious rites, that were expounded by the above-named guru.


Was a native of Magudi, and son of Ventatappa, he was. by cast a Neyogi bramin, and dwelt in the Karnata country for a considerable time; he flourished in the 18th century, and was contemporary with the Mysore prince, Nandarajah Wadyar, at whose court he had an official situation. This poet made himself master of the Karnata language, and afterwards