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Was born in the 11th century of Salivahana, during the reign of Batta Vardhana, king of Dora Samudra, he was born at Sri Parubutune, a place situated twenty-four miles, west of Madras, on the road to Kanchi or Conjiveram. At eight years of age, he was invested with the sacerdotal thread, and began to read the Vedes and study the sciences. He made a tour of through different countries, and visited Melakota, when he prevailed on the bramins by his exhortations and example to attend to the worship of the deity. Thence be proceeded to Dora Samudra, through Tonnure, and he gained the good will of the sovereign of the country, by exercising an evil spirit, and casting it out of his daughter, for this act he was magnificently rewarded by the king, whom he converted to the Vystnava religion. After this, the poet visited different holy places in the Peninsula, instructing at all times the Vystnava bramins in a pure form of rituals. He took Yamunachari as his disciple, and made a tour through Terupati, Jagarnath, Kasi, and Joyapore, and established firmly the