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works, the "Kuvalayanandam, (the deliglit of the Lotus) and the Prabodhachandrodaya," (Rising Moon of Genius) are very much admired, and continue to be universally read by the learned, but the others are unfortunately lost.


This poet was the nephew of Appayadikshit, he possessed a general knowledge of the sciences, and his skill in poetry was considerable. He was raised on account of his talents to the dignity of prime minister to Terumala naik Rajah of Madura, the affairs of whose kingdom he managed so, as to cause it to prosper. After the death of his father, Ayadikshit wrote a work, which he called Nelakantha Vejayam, to commemorate the victories in religious controversies of bis father in various provinces. In this poem an excellent description is given of the different countries. This work is in the dramatic style.