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circumstance having come to the knowledge of the Rajah Venkatapati, he made the poet valuable presents for his steady faith in the God Siva. Appyadekshit at the age of sixty years, was preparing to go to Benares, but when the learned bramins of Chidambaram was apprized of this resolution, they entreated him to come to that place, as according even to his confession, Chidambaram was a more sanctified place than Kasi, and the reservoir of Siva Gunga, more holy than the river Ganges. In conformity to the wishes of these bramins, Appaydekshit was induced to alter his resolution, and he forthwith proceeded to Chidambaram, where he remained engaged in religious exercises for the space of thirty years. At his death, he was in possession of five crystal lingums, two of which he presented to the bramins, and one to his nephew, to be established at Madura, another ha gave to his relations, and the fifth he himself established at Chidambaram, shortly after, which he departed his life. Appayadekshit was the author of eighty-four books, on Theology, Rhetoric and Philosophy, among his