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much admired throughout the Dekkan and the Southern provinces. Appayadikshit in course of time, visited the kings of Trechinopoli, Tanjore, and Madura, who severally by their presents and favors, gave the poet very great encouragement on account of his talents and virtues, so, that being a strict observer and zealous advocate for all the forms of rituals he performed through the bounty of his patrons, numerous sacrifices on the banks of the Kaveri. Wherever he went, he chaunted forth the praises of Siva, and made proselytes to that faith from the Vishnu religion. Tatachari, who had been vanquished and baffled by Appayadekshit, at the Court of Venkatapati, in a religious dispute, cherished a mortal hatred against his opponent, and was determined to destroy him by any means; to effect this purpose, he engaged a gang of ruffians, to way lay and murder our poet, as he was passing through a forest. The villains set upon Appayadekshit, but just at that moment, it is said, that a valiant hero suddenly appeared, and driving off the assassins, rescued Appayadekshit, from the danger he was in of losing his life, This