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him a grant of a tract of land, rent-free, for his own maintenance, and that of his pupils, whom he instructed in philosophy and the sciences. Appayadikshit was the author of the following works, for the use of those who follow the faith of Siva;

1. Siwarchana Chundrika, Moon of the adorable Siva, in thirty Chapters.

2. Siva, Tatwa Viveka, Knowledge of the sect of Siva in twenty Chapters.

3. Siva mani Depika, Splendor of the Sun-gem of Siva.

4. Atmarpan, a work in one hundred stanzas on the Siva faith.

The first three of the works, above mentioned, Appaydekshit wrote after having performed numerous sacrifices. It is said, that just before he composed his last work Atmarpan, he partook inwardly of the seeds of a plant, called Dhattur, which is reported to have the extraordinary quality of clearing the intellect, and fitting the mind for religious contemplation, by the use of this medicine, it is given out, that Appayadekshit became inspired and dictated extemporarily to four amanuenses, the poem in question, which is very