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Was a Dravida bramin, and an inhabitant of Adepolam agrahara, which is situated forty miles South East of Kanchi. He was the son of Narain Dekshit, and flourished in the sixteenth century of Salivahana. It was the common opinion of his contemporaries, that he was born from the spirit of Siva, for the learning he exhibited in Divinity and Theology, they thought too surpassing to be alloted to mere humanity. At the age of twelve years, he had perfectly studied the Vedes, and was besides a master of several abstruse Sciences. Appayadikshit was particularly devoted to the worship of Siva, and obtained the name of Siva Bhakta, or disciple of Siva. He married three wives, by whom he had eleven Sons. Before he was stricken in years, he obtained, the favor of Vinkta Pati Royaloo, King of Chandragiri, for he confated all that monarch's pundits, in open court, on topics of religion, and on various points in philosophy, especially in showing the perfect parity between the God Siva and Vishnu. The above said King made