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read through several poems, such as Magha, Bohoja, Champu,and many others. In due time, he obtained a complete knowledge of Sanscrit, and in the year of Salivahana, 1388, he composed a voluminous work, which he entitled "Prasunga Ratna Vali" which being interpreted means,"a necklace of the gems of discourse." The subjects were taken from different ancient texts, which he embodied and treated after his own manner. This work comprised eighty three books, which were placed in the following order. 1. On Elocution. 2. Praise of different Gods. 3. On the ten Incarnation. 4. On the holy city Kasi. 5. Dialogue between Uma and Maheswar. 6. Domestic Matters. 7. On the four Ages. 8. On the Vipras or hermits. 9. On language. 10. On Prosody. 11. On Friendship. 12. On fortune. 13. On the Well disposed. 14. On the wicked. 15. On people of evil propensities. 16. On useful animals, 17. On Ethics. 18. On rejected phrases. 19. Rules for moral conduct. 20. On Love. 21. On Mendicity. 22. On Envy. 23. On Luxury. 24. On the