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crisy, abhorrent vanity, imbecility, and the rest. The soul, like the earth, will possess an incorruptible tunic.

Ahasverus. I shall gaze ever on the immense blue sky?

Prometheus. Behold how beautiful it is.

Ahasverus. As beautiful and serene as eternal justice. Magnificent heaven, more beautiful than the tents of Caesar. I shall behold you forever; you will receive my thoughts, as before; you will grant me clear days, and friendly nights . . .

Prometheus. Dawn upon dawn.

Ahasverus. Ah, speak on, speak on. Tell me everything. Let me unbind these chains . . .

Prometheus. Loosen them, new Hercules, last man of the old world, who shall be the first of the new. Such is your destiny; neither you nor I,—nobody can alter it. You go farther than your Moses. From the top of mount Nebo,