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at the point of death, he beheld the land of Jericho, which was to belong to his descendants and the Lord said unto him: "Thou hast seen with thine eyes, yet shalt not pass beyond." You shall pass beyond, Ahasverus; you shall dwell in Jericho.

Ahasverus. Place your hand upon my head; look well at me; fill me with the reality of your prediction; let me breathe a little of the new, full life . . . King, did you say?

Prometheus. The chosen king of a chosen people.

Ahasverus. It is not too much in recompense for the deep ignominy in which I have dwelt. Where one life heaped mire, another life will place a halo. Speak, speak on . . . speak on . . . (He continues to dream. The two eagles draw near.)

First Eagle. Ay, ay, ay! Alas for this last man; he is dying, yet he dreams of life.

Second Eagle. Not so much that he hated it as that he loved it so much.