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[Ch. IV.
  1. No medicine is nice;
    Senna is a medicine.
  2. Some oysters are silent;
    No silent creatures are amusing.
  3. All wise men walk on their feet;
    All unwise men walk on their hands.
  4. "Mind your own business;
    This quarrel is no business of yours."
  5. No bridges are made of sugar;
    Some bridges are picturesque.
  6. No riddles interest me that can be solved;
    All these riddles are insoluble.
  7. John is industrious;
    All industrious people are happy.
  8. No frogs write books;
    Some people use ink in writing books.
  9. No pokers are soft;
    All pillows are soft.
  10. No antelope is ungraceful;
    Graceful animals delight the eye.
  11. Some uncles are ungenerous;
    All merchants are generous.
  12. No unhappy people chuckle;
    No happy people groan.
  13. Audible music causes vibration in the air;
    Inaudible music is not worth paying for.