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Ch. IV.]
  1. He gave me five pounds;
    I was delighted.
  2. No old Jews are fat millers;
    All my friends are old millers.
  3. Flour is good for food;
    Oatmeal is a kind of flour.
  4. Some dreams are terrible;
    No lambs are terrible.
  5. No rich man begs in the street;
    All who are not rich should keep accounts.
  6. No thieves are honest;
    Some dishonest people are found out.
  7. All wasps are unfriendly;
    All puppies are friendly
  8. All improbable stories are doubted;
    None of these stories are probable.
  9. "He told me you had gone away."
    "He never says one word of truth."
  10. His songs never last an hour;
    A song, that lasts an hour, is tedious.
  11. No bride-cakes are wholesome;
    Unwholesome food should be avoided.
  12. No old misers are cheerful;
    Some old misers are thin.
  13. All ducks waddle;
    Nothing that waddles is graceful.